NEWSDiscussing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Legal System with Legal Innovation Lab


Discussing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Legal System with Legal Innovation Lab

On February 18, Russian-Armenian University hosted a discussion on the initiative of Legal Innovation Lab founder and RAU lecturer Levon Sargsyan, Ph.D., on the use of artificial intelligence in legal system.
During the event, RAU students majoring in Law presented ways of how to implement artificial intelligence in the judicial system of the Republic of Armenia, namely, in automating judgment passing in cases without dispute, and compared similar practices in the European Court of Human Rights and the Russian legal system.
As a result of the discussion, they decided to see the initiative through and submit a legislative proposal to the authorities. According to Levon Sargsyan, Legal Innovation Lab is developing cooperation with RA Ministry of Justice, and discussions on the matter will go on.
Head of RAU Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law, Associate Professor Arayik Tunyan, Ph.D. in his turn highlighted the importance of student participation and the need for meticulous regulation of the issue.
An interdisciplinary project on legaltech, Legal Innovation Lab was founded by Levon Sargsyan with the aim to bring something new to the legal profession and education and to promote the idea that legal technology can provide fresh solutions to the government, citizens, consumers and employees who face legal problems.
Image: Legal Innovation Lab.