AnnouncementsSustainable Development: Vibrant Hope or Impossible Dream

Starting November 14, Paruyr Abrahamyan will deliver a course Sustainable Development: Vibrant Hope or Impossible Dream for RAU students.
Start Date: November 14, 2018
Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays, 16:30. 
Venue: RAU, Blue Hall.
Course description:
Sustainable Development is the key policy concept of the contemporary world, both in academic and policy circles. The world has entered the new era of Anthropocene when human beings change the structure of Earth and its climate to an extent that it provokes a new geological era, socio-cultural and political-economic realities. This comes with the depletion of resources, growing climate instabilities, demographic changes of unprecedented scale and the social inequality. The world is currently discussing the Sustainable Development Goals to take humanity to 2030 in place of the expired Millennium Development Goals. This course will give the students the key concepts to discuss sustainable development and its pillars. Students acquire integrated and interdisciplinary knowledge across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including ecology, geography, economics, planning, law, environmental design and relevant social sciences.
Target audience: The course is intended to benefit undergraduate, graduate students from all universities, as well as those working in the public, private and non-profit sectors. 
Language of instruction: Armenian (combination with English). 
Course structure:
  • lectures, theoretical material, presentation of the basics, video materials
  • case study analysis
  • discussions, debates
  • practical tasks, role-playing games, quizzes and group works.
About the lecturer:
Paruyr Abrahamyan is an economist, graduate of the French University in Armenia, University of Padova in Italy, University Paris 1 Sorbonne in France and University of KU Leuven in Belgium. A travelling lecturer as he calls himself, he is currently a freelance lecturer of Economics and consultant of sustainable territorial development projects. His areas of expertise cover Sustainable Development, ecological economy, political ecology, micro-, macro-, green/blue economics, circular economy etc.) Occasionally, he writes articles for international magazines. Paruyr has experience working in Armenia, France, Brazil, Norway, India and China.