OpportunitiesECOS Infrastructural Objects Design Competition

FEZ ECOS Infrastructural Objects Design Competition
ECOS announces a competition for the best design of infrastructural objects in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, “ECOS FEZ Design Competition” with a total prize fund of 3,000,000 AMD.
ECOS is looking for bold solutions, distinctive and non-conventional ones, which will help create the image of innovative Armenia and give a chance to designers and architects to contribute to the creation of the infrastructure. The latter will serve for the development of high-tech projects in Armenia that will allow a balanced regional development of the country.
“ECOS FEZ Design Competition” is a competition for young and talented designers which enables them to participate in the creation of the interior and exterior design of buildings and structures in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia. The ECOS FEZ will become the hallmark of modern high-tech digital Armenia, which is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investments and the export of IT technologies.
In the near future, ECOS will launch an industrial mining center located in the cooling tower building at the Hrazdan TPP. It will be integrated with the technology cluster for innovative start-ups, and will also functionally serve as the data center of the FEZ. ECOS offers a fundamentally new perspective on the market for innovative technologies. This is not a platform or an IT cluster, but a full-fledged ecosystem, each of the elements of which is synergistically connected with the others. We achieve big goals together, not competing with each other.
ECOS invites to participate students and graduates of relevant universities in Armenia and abroad.
Competition nominations:
  1. The best design project of the cooling tower
  2. The best design project of the administration office
  3. The best design project of the surrounding area
Winners and finalists will receive funding for the implementation of their projects and valuable prizes.
The competition is held with the support of the Government of Armenia, with the participation of leading experts in the field of architecture and design, as well as with informational support from leading Armenian and international media.
Application deadline: February 22, 2019.
The Free Economic Zone is located on the territory of Hrazdan, Armenia, with the aim to develop of high technologies in the country. The organizer of the free economic zone in Hrazdan is the ECOS company. A unique ecosystem is being created on the basis of the FEZ, where infrastructure services will operate: from educational and communication projects, research laboratories to electronic platforms for attracting investment in developing projects.
For details, please contact Head of RAU Department of Economics and Finance Mariam Voskanyan, D.Sc. (office # 408).