OpportunitiesModel United Nations Conference in Dilijan

Model United Nations Conference in Dilijan
DiliMUN is known for its welcoming environment for delegates with a pleasant atmosphere for both beginning and experienced delegates alike. The workshops which are provided at DiliMUN give the delegates insights on how the debates are structured and will also provide them with a head start for further MUNs. The conference will be held at the United World College Dilijan, giving participants the opportunity to interact with students from over 90 countries who share the common goal of UWC: making education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.
This year's theme is A United World Fostering Sustainable Development. As our world becomes more interconnected than ever, the challenges which we face as humanity become interconnected as well. While we seek for solutions, UN's Sustainable Development Goals bring people around the world with exceeding borders and continents to the same page. This year's DiliMUN, not only will help its participants with creating awareness about a wide range of issues; from education to climate refugees but also, encourage them to think about possible actions which can be undertaken. Aside from attending an established MUN, guests will get a one of a kind experience of being in a United World College surrounded by incredible individuals from over 80 different nations who show great dedication to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. All of this in the first and only MUN in Armenia, a country which is located in the Caucasus region with rich culture and a history that goes beyond textbooks.

1. Dates: April 10th - April 13th 2020
2. Location: UWC Dilijan, Armenia
3. Age Group: 15-21 y/o
4. Fee: 50,000 AMD or 95 EUR (which includes transportation, accommodation, food, merchandise and conference fees) per person.

RAU will cover the expenses of the most motivated students who will present the best political issue.

Application is rolling admission.
The result of the application round will be sent to you via the email provided.