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Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law
The Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law was founded in 2004. Since the day the Department was founded, Ara Tunyan has been Head of Department. The Department helps students deepen their knowledge and acquire professional skills during the educational process. Ultimately, our students tend to continue their cooperation with the Department during graduate and postgraduate research and study. The Department carries on courses for 2-4 year Bachelor students. We cover 43 disciplines and have 28 lecturers (permanent staff members and not only), among them one Professor of Law, Ani Davtyan, and 11 Ph.D. holders.
Head of Department
Associate Professor Ara Tunyan, Ph.D., member of Constitutional Court of RA.
What we do
  • We encourage students to increase their research and analytical skills
  • We teach students modern approaches in the field of private law
  • We introduce the specifics of civil court proceedings to students
  • We regularly upgrade academic staff qualification
New approaches in property law; modern understanding of immovable property; land development concept evolving; new concept of common ownership right in multi-apartment building; real estate contracts.
New approaches in intellectual property law; development of an effective system of registration and protection of copyright and other exclusive rights, problems of conflict regulation in the sphere of intellectual property.
Entrepreneurs' rights system development, which includes research on legal issues of business entities creation and development of public legal entities system, their rights and obligations and means of rights protection.
Problems of civil procedure, particularly the role and aim of judicial precedent in the system of civil law and civil procedure law sources, elaboration of a unified concept of judicial acts inspection in civil cases.
Our academic staff and students actively participate in various scientific conferences in the field, publish scientific articles, papers and monographs.
The Department further plans to develop a new understanding and a new concept of private law, as well as to create new research topics given the increased use of “bona fide” approach to civil relations.
Academic Programs
Master’s: Business Law, Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure, academic supervisor - Associate Prof. Ara Tunyan, Ph.D.
The Ph.D. program Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law, International Private Law was opened in 2006, and since then, many students graduated with Ph.D.
Competitions and Conferences
Our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are regular contest winners and conference attendees:
In 2016 RAU team won the moot court contest on Intellectual Property.
In 2015 Lilit Khachatryan, Evegenia Gyandzhumyan, Margarita Vardanyan took the third place in the international moot court contest on Arbitration Court in Moscow.
In 2014 Suren Grigoryan, Lilit Khachatryan, Evegenia Gyandzhumyan, Margarita Vardanyan won the moot court contest on Intellectual Propety.
In 2012 Satenik Harutyunyan won the second place in international scientific conference on “The Perspectives of Integration of South Caucacus Region in Euro zone in 21st Сentury”.
In 2011 and in 2012 Hayk Malkhasyan, Areg Malkhasya, Mariam Evoyan won the first place in the qualifying round of Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Armenia and participated in the main contest in Washington D.C.
In 2011 Satenik Harutyunyan took the third place in the inter-university conference on “Alternative Ways of Conflict Resolution”.
In 2011 RAU team took the first place in moot court contest on Intellectual Property.
In 2010 Department students Meline Fereshyan and Madlena Markaryan attended the conference “Advocacy: Perspectives and Modern Position in RA”. Meline Fereshyan became conference winner and took the “Best Speaker” prize, while Madlena Markaryan took the third place.
In 2010 RAU team landed second place in the moot court on Intellectual Property.