Discover RAUINSTITUTE OF LAW AND POLITICSDepartment of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law

Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
Head of Department
Acting Head Naira Zohrabyan, Ph.D. 
The Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law was founded in 2004.The Department is functions at RAU Institute of Law and Politics.
Academic Staff
Our staff includes Armenia’s prominent scholars and government employees.
Stepan  Sh. Tsaghikyan
Head of Department, Doctor of Law, Professor
Naira Y. Zohrabyan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Zarui M. Gasparyan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Zelim A. Tadevosyan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Serjik S. Avetisyan
Professor, Doctor of Law
Lilit Z. Tadevosyan
Associate Professor, Doctor of Law
Arthur S. Ghambaryan
Associate Professor, Doctor of Law
Aram P. Vardevanyan
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Hrayr H. Ghukasyan
Aram A. Tamazyan
Assistant Professor, Doctor of Law
Shota A. Vardanyan
Doctor of Law, Doctor of Medicine, Professor
John A. Hayrapetyan
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Samvel S. Yuzbashyan
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Artak R. Hovhannisyan
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Armen P. Ghukasyan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Lilit Kh. Azatyan
The Department covers the following subjects:
- Criminal Law of RF (General and Special parts)
- Criminal Law of RA (General and Special parts)
- Criminal Procedure Law of RF and RA
- Criminology
- Criminalistics
- Penitentiary
- Scientific grounds for qualification of crimes
There is also a joint Armenian and Russian extramural course on criminal law and criminal procedure.
Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal Law (available in Russian and Armenian languages)
Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics, Operational Search Actions (available in Russian)
The programs include 15 special subjects.
  1. Problems of ensuring human and state security through criminal law and criminological means in the age of globalization
  2. Problems of resisting challenges and threats to security of criminal procedure (justice)
  3. Current issues in corruption combating
  4. Contemporary issues of economic crime prevention as a real threat to the efficient and sustainable development of the state
  5. Interconnection between the typology of criminal justice system and functions of criminal procedure
There are 15 Ph.D. degree seekers and one for the degree of Doctor of Law, and there is 1 Ph.D. student at the Department. Since 2013 a specialized Council on defending candidate and doctoral dissertations functions as part of the Department. 15 Ph.D. students have already defended their Ph.D. theses, and two of the lecturers defended their doctoral theses. Scientific potential of the Department includes 6 Doctors of Law and 10 Ph.D. holders.
The following training courses are initiated by the Department:
1. Fundamentals of combating corruption. Delivered either in Russian or Armenian (by choice).
2. Current problems of recidivism and professional crime. Delivered either in Russian or Armenian (by choice).
3. Administration of justice in the context of human rights. Delivered in English.
• Library with special literature (more than 700 books)
• Office of Criminalistics (n. 345)
• 2 microscopes, 1 forensic suitcase, 1 camera, magnifying glasses, red flashlights and other the necessary tools for practical forensic research, photograph making, detection of hands and feet traces, fingerprinting and related investigation in trace evidence and forensic identification.
Tel.: +374 010 22 92 44 (ext. 158).