Discover RAUINSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICINE AND PHARMACYDepartment of General and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of General and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Head of Department
Anna Grigoryan, Ph.D. 
Тel.: (+374 10) 27-70-52 (259)
Academic Programs
Pharmacy (Certified Specialist, one-cycle 5-year program)
The Department oversees the One-Cycle degree in Pharmacy, which aims to equip students with the qualification, skills, knowledge and industry experience required to become a pharmacist, qualified to work in every stage of the process - manufacturing, sales and distribution of drugs, licensing, drug product testing.
The program courses are science-based with a focus on chemistry and biology.
General and inorganic chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry, physical and colloidal chemistry,
Bioorganic chemistry
Health and safety
Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology
Pharmaceutical chemistry
Pharmaceutical technology
Toxicological chemistry
Pharmacy management and economics
Methods for the synthesis of physiologically active substances
Medical biochemistry
Ecology, anthropoecology
In addition, our graduates have the capacity to go for adjoining career fields, such as pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical sales and drug marketing.
Academic Staff 
Professor Vigen Topuzyan
Professor Gevorg Danagulyan
Associate Professor Hranush Melkonyan
Professor Armen Manukyan
Associate Professor Irina Nikolayeva
Professor Alexander Yengoyan
Associate Professor Hranush Darbinyan
Associate Professor Grigory Ayvazyan
Associate Professor Liana Gabrielyan
Martina Lachinyan, Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Liana Manukyan
Hrachya Ananikyan, Senior Lecturer