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Department of Philosophy
Head of Department
Associate Professor Gagik Galikyan, Ph.D.
RAU Department of Philosophy was founded in 2006 as a universitywide department; later, in 2012, it was moved in RAU Institute of Humanities.
The Department focuses on the problems of the nature of philosophy and philosophical knowledge; the issue of the philosophy of consciousness; cultural and psychological aspects of philosophical and social anthropology; philosophy of education, philosophical aspect of interethnic tolerance. The Department also plans to open a laboratory of sociological research.
International Cooperation

The Department cooperates with higher educational institutions in Armenia and Russia and elsewhere; our partners are Department of Psychology and Philosophy of the Kuban State Technological University, the Department of Theoretical Philosophy and Logic of YSU, the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children, the USA.
The Department regularly organizes theoretical seminars and invites professors from philosophy departments of leading Armenian universities to give lectures.
Academic Programs
Master’s: Philosophical Aspect of Modern Information Society and Cross-Cultural Communication
The curriculum of the 
Master's program Philosophical Aspect of Modern Information Society and Cross-Cultural Communication aims at creating basic cultural and professional competencies based on the needs and requirements of students and employers. It is a full-time 2-year program, aiming to prepare professionals with an in-depth knowledge of contemporary problems of Philosophy. During their studies, students learn to propose ways of solving problems and reasonably justify them, gain professional knowledge in the theory and practice of argumentation and philosophy of teaching in higher education. The program also aims at developing leadership competency and ability to manage teams with tolerance of social, ethnic, confessional and cultural differences.
Subjects Taught within the Scope of our Activities
Introduction to Profession, History of Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Religious Studies, Logics, Sociology, Ontology and Theory of Cognition, Philosophy of Politics, Philosophy of Law, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Problems of Unconsciousness, etc.
Master’s: Methodology of Scientific Knowledge, Theory and Practice of Argumentation, Newest Tendencies and Directions of Foreign Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy, etc.