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Department of Psychology 
Head of Department
Prof. Asya Berberyan, Ph.D.
The Department of Psychology was formed in 2005. The Department implements Bachelor's (4 years) and Master's (2 years) programs that correspond to the education standards of Russia and Armenia. The academic staff of the Department consists of leading Armenian specialists. 
Students of the Department of Psychology study the following professional disciplines: General Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Advisory Psychology, Art Psychology, Experimental Psychology, etc. The Department frequently organizes international conferences, symposiums, seminars and trainings. Students of the Department are actively involved in research activities both at RAU and elsewhere. They are regularly presented with internship opportunities at Armenian psychological centers and schools. Graduates of the Department of Psychology pusue careers in the fields of education, health care and social service.
Academic Programs
Bachelor's: Psychology
Master's: Personality Psychology, Management Psychology, Political Psychology
Personality Psychology, full-time 2-year program
Within the Personality Psychology program, the students develop expertise regarding predicting behavior of an individual, small social groups and ethnic communities. In addition, the students learn how to conduct individual and group counseling, do an examination of decision-making process, assist in developing personal motivation, while mastering the categorical analysis of existing psychological theories of personality. Besides that, the program helps the students develop psychological and personal skills, contributing to their personal growth.
Management Psychology, full-time 2-year program
The program Management Psychology aims to prepare highly qualified specialists who have advanced knowledge of social and psychological aspects of management and psychological support skills in various areas of management. The program graduates can work as consultants in human resources management and organizational counseling, evaluating and training personnel, and providing psychological support during organizational changes.
Political Psychology, full-time 2-year program
The program covers scientific concepts describing politicians’ psychological and political manifestations, methods of psychological and political counseling and psychotherapy, ethical principles in practical psychology, scientific framework of political behavior psychology. The Department staff prepares its students for careers in applied politics and political research, ensuring they have a strong understanding of conditions and motives determining political behavior and its formation.
Local and International Cooperation
The Department actively cooperates with educational, research and psychological centers from Russia and Armenia.