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Department of Russian and World Literature and Culture
Department of Russian and World Literature and Culture was founded in 2002. Since then, the Department has gone several structural changes throughout the years, first being part of the Faculty of Philology, later being included in the Institute of Humanities.
Head of Department
Associate Professor Lilit Meliksetyan, Ph.D.
Academic Programs
Bachelor’s: Philology 
Master’s: Theory and History of Russian and World Literature
The master’s program Theory and History of Russian and World Literature covers the period from classical age to the end of the 20th century, it is designed to give the students an overview of the classic works of literature and art. The program focuses on art and literature, historical and social and philosophical impulses that determined their development. A special emphasis is placed on the study of European art and literature, as well as the connection between the Western and the Eastern cultures. In the program, art and literature are taught within separate historical periods. Each program module reflects an idea, which contributed to the world intellectual and spiritual progress.
Upon graduation, the specialist possesses advanced knowledge of World literature and can process and interpret data, conduct research using contemporary information technologies.
Subjects Taught within the Scope of our Activities
Bachelor’s: Folklore, Creative Writing, History of Foreign Literature, Fundamentals of Theory of Literature, Theory of Literature, History of Russian Literature, Introduction to Literary Studies, Literary text Analysis in School, Methodology of Teaching Literature, Culture and Literature of China (special course), Culture and Literature of Japan (special course).
Master’s: History of World Art and Literature, Newest Russian Literature, History of Russian and Foreign Fine Arts, Mass Culture: Theory and Methodology, Art and Literature, Computer Technologies in Philological Research, Theoretical and Applied Mythopoetics, Literary Translation.
The Department of Russian and World Literature and Culture conducts research in a wide range of issues in contemporary literary studies. Our main research areas derive from the multidisciplinary of Philology:
Russian Literature of the 20th Century
Russian Literature of the 19th Century
Folklore and Mythopoetics
Foreign Literature
Literary Connections
Theory of Literature
Cultural Studies
History of Art
The Department regularly hosts seminars and roundtable discussions on research and methodology in Literary Studies, namely:
- Genre characteristics of fantasy literature;
- Genre characteristics of biography in contemporary literary studies;
- Contemporary Armenian poetry published in the Russian language;
- Main trends in the development of contemporary literature.