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Department of World History and Area Studies 
The Department of World History and Area Studies was formed in 2006. Aiming to train highly qualified professionals with fundamental knowledge and expertise in the field of Japanese and Chinese studies, the academic staff of the Department strives to provide high-level interdisciplinary education to prepare the students for careers requiring analytical skills in political, economic and social developments, ability to successfully engage in and manage international negotiations, regional and international projects.
Head of Department
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Prof. Yervand Margaryan.
Academic Programs
Bachelor’s: Foreign Regional Studies (Area Studies)
Master’s: Japanese studies, Chinese Studies   
In the course of the Bachelor program in Area Studies, students aquire basic knowledge of both regions, Japan and China, so that they can decide upon the region of specialization when applying to Master's program. 
Japanese Studies
The Japanese Studies program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of many aspects of the Japanese society, language, culture, history and politics. The program aims to prepare students for careers in business, teaching, government and a variety of other professional fields. The Japanese Studies master’s program is designed for students who need language skills and interdisciplinary training on Japan to pursue their vocational goals. The program curriculum is designed so that students acquire professional proficiency in the Japanese language in combination with a thorough understanding of Japan.
Chinese Studies
The Master’s program in Chinese Studies combines courses on history, politics and governance of China along with advanced language training. The program offers an opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of China, and to provide a robust foundation to help graduates pursue their career goals. The degree in Chinese Studies seeks to develop students’ in-depth knowledge of China within a comparative, global context.
Subjects Taught within the Scope of our Activities
Bachelor’s: History of China, History of Japan, Chinese Language, Japanese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture, Japanese Literature, Japanese Culture.
Master’s: Japanese Language Study, Chinese Language Study, China’s/Japan’s Policy in the Pacific Region, China in World Civilization, Economics of China/Japan.
International Cooperation
The Department of World History and Area Studies actively collaborates with Japanese and Chinese universities in research and education.
Our partners in Japan:
University of Tsukuba
Tohoku University
Our partners in China:
Changchun University
Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine