Discover RAUDepartment of Physical Education and Health

Head of Department
Armen Grigoryan Associate Professor, Dr., Master of Sports, Chairman of the Fencing Federation of Armenia, Member of FIE Ethics Commission.
The Department of Physical Education and Health of Russian-Armenian University conducts the Physical Education, Fundamentals of Health and Safety study courses.
Among the Department’s lecturers and coaches are internationally recognized sports professionals.
The Sports Complex of Russian-Armenian University offers a wide variety of sports and exercise facilities. The complex has indoor and outdoor facilities for any kind of sporting activities.
Outdoors, there is a large multi-use field suitable for football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Indoors, the gym, table tennis courts, fitness hall are located. The complex is fully furnished with separate locker rooms and showers. The Complex is open to RAU students, staff and alumni and is free of charge; after study hours it welcomes everyone else to train at the Complex (after 18:00).
Being one of the best equipped sports areas in Armenia, RAU Sports Complex regularly hosts competitions of national and international scale.
RAU also has a Sports Club that coordinates student sports activities and organizes various competitions. Contacts: