NEWSAssociate Prof. Gagik Galikyan Talks about New Tendencies in Governing Universities


Associate Prof. Gagik Galikyan on New Tendencies in Governing Universities

Head of Department of Philosophy at RAU Institute of Humanities Associate Prof. Gagik Galikyan participated in the International Conference University Education in Sociological Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities. The Conference took place in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia on April 26-27.
There, Associate Prof. Galikyan was a plenary speaker and presented his report New Tendencies in Governing Universities.
The ranking system largely defines contemporary trends in university development, as well as the realization of isomorphic effects, which have defined stratification of higher education on a global scale. In the research report, we’ve studied effective university administration and analyzed issues and challenges that academic professional competence subsequently faces”, mentioned Associate Prof. Gagik Galikyan.
The Conference participants and guests discussed a wide range of issues, including internalization and digitalization trends in higher education, active learning within the context of university education, student participation in university management, etc.
The Conference was organized by Research Laboratory of Applied Sociology at YSU Faculty of Sociology and dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Yerevan State University.