NEWSProfessor David Blaschke Became Honorary Doctor of Russian-Armenian University


Professor David Blaschke Became Honorary Doctor of Russian-Armenian University

By resolution of the Academic Board of Russian-Armenian University, Professor of the University of Wroclaw, Poland, David Blaschke was awarded with the title Doctor honoris causa of Russian-Armenian University for his outstanding contribution to the development of elementary particle physics, astrophysics and nonlinear optics, as well as the long-standing scientific cooperation with RAU.
Prof. David Blaschke expressed sincere gratitude, noting that receiving the title was a privilege for him, I am proud of our cooperation, proud of our jointly organized Symposium “Optics & its Applications”. We intend to  further expand our fruitful cooperation with RAU Institute of Engineering and Physics
A prominent scientist in the fields of elementary particle physics and astrophysics, in particular, physics of nuclear matter under extreme conditions, Professor David Blaschke is Member of Polish Physical Society, German Physical Society, European Physical Society and serves as Chairman of European Science Foundation.