NEWSRAU and Wolfram Research Signed a Cooperation Agreement

RAU and Wolfram Research Signed a Cooperation Agreement
On November 1, Russian-Armenian University and Wolfram Research, Inc. signed a cooperation agreement to establish a joint Wolfram Laboratory. The agreement pursues both scientific and educational objectives.
The laboratory will be created on the basis of the research laboratory of mathematical modeling of quantum systems at Russian-Armenian University. Wolfram Research Manager in Armenia Mikayel Egibyan and Head of RAU Department of General Physics and Quantum Nanostructures Associate Professor David Hayrapetyan will co-manage the laboratory.
Russian-Armenian University is the first university in Armenia to cooperate with Wolfram Research.  
The cooperation in science and research will include computational support for RAU researchers in different areas, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Sociology, on the part of Wolfram Research; the company will also assist Russian-Armenian University in evaluation and selection of its research projects that are presented for funding. The parties also agree to organize joint scientific conferences and seminars.
The joint laboratory with Wolfram Research is a great platform, and we as a university are open to any kind of collaboration both in research and education”, said Prof. Armen Darbinyan.  
What comes to education, RAU students will be able to benefit from Wolfram internship programs, the software and equipment to do computational calculations for their Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. theses.
The document additionally encompasses creation of special courses on Wolfram language in Armenian (for Bachelor students) and English (for international Master students) and organization of lectures on Wolfram Language for school and university students.
Mikayel Egibyan in his turn highlighted, “The two main aims of this laboratory are to engage students in the activities of Wolfram Research and to prepare highly qualified specialists with bright career prospects”.
The agreement comes into effect as of the date of being executed.
Founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987, Wolfram Research is one of the world's most respected computer, web and cloud software companies. Among its most popular products are Wolfram Alpha, an answer engine, Mathematica, a technical computing system spanning all areas of technical computing and Wolfram Language, a new general multi-paradigm programming language.
Photo credits: M.G. Sarkisov.
RAU and Wolfram Research Signed a Cooperation Agreement
RAU and Wolfram Research Signed a Cooperation Agreement
RAU and Wolfram Research Signed a Cooperation Agreement