NEWSRAU Students Introducing PromoCar at Startup Boost Weekend Vol3

RAU Students Introducing PromoCar at Startup Boost Weekend Vol3
Following Startup Boost Weekend Vol3, a two-day event, during which Armenian students with different skillsets came together to brainstorm, come up with new startups and pitch their ideas to a judging panel, the team of PromoCar startup comprising students from the Institute of Economics and Business of Russian-Armenian University, Mikayel Smbatyan, Grigor Nazaryan and Hovhannes Tonoyan, took the third place.
Mikayel Smbatyan told us the story of their startup PromoCar, “It all started when we were 3rd year students at RAU, once, we were waiting for a taxi and a thought occurred, why don’t taxi drivers set up ads on their cars? We did some brainstorming and came up with PromoCar, a platform that matches brands and gives drivers additional income. It will work like this: PromoCar will look for companies/brands that do not have ads on cars and offer them the service. Ads on cars are far more noticeable than common banners. Drivers will receive income, as well, so it’s a win-win.
After the first round of the Startup Boost Weekend, PromoCar was among the 12 teams that moved forward and, sailing through some tough competition, they landed third. They said they believed PromoCar’s biggest advantage to be the thorough planning.
Along with RAU students, the team of PromoCar included David Hayrapetyan (Bellerbys Brighton College) and Izabella Ghazaryan (AUA). Mikayel, Grigor and Hovhannes study Economics at RAU, work on improving the PromoCar project and learn programming. “The prospects are bright, we try to learn as much as possible from our professors to make the project happen. We cannot wait to launch it!”, confided the team.
The participants expressed gratitude to Arsen Sargsyan, Director of Business and Technologies Development at Russian-Armenian University, for his support and encouragement.  
Startup Boost Weekend Vol3, aimed to foster the development of entrepreneurship culture among Armenian students. It created a platform for students to gain insight and relevant, real-time experience for building and growing a startup while expanding their networks, portfolios, and resumes. Weekend activities included rapid-fire startup pitches, team formation, customer development, prototype building, UI/UX design, business model generation, mentor feedback from experts, and a Shark Tank-style pitching session.