NEWSPh.D. Student Zhermen Azaryan Presented Her Research at Mendeleev 2019 Conference

Ph.D. Student Zhermen Azaryan Presented Her Research at Mendeleev 2019 Conference
Zhermen Azaryan, Ph.D. student at the Department of General and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Russian-Armenian University, participated in the 21st Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry and 11th International Conference on Chemistry for Young Scientists (Mendeleev 2019), which took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on September 9-13. This year, the Conference for Young Scientists was confined to the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements discovered in 1869 by Dmitry Mendeleev.
The event gathered prominent scientists and young researchers in chemistry from 60 countries, who presented their research findings and gave keynote lectures.
Among the speakers were two Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, a French coordination chemist from The University of Strasbourg, and William E. Moerner, an American scientist specializing in physical chemistry, chemical physics and biophysics from Stanford University, and academician Yuri Oganessian, a Russian-Armenian nuclear physicist, researcher at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the only currently living person with a chemical element named after him (oganesson).
The scientific discussion at the Conference evolved around advanced nanochemistry and nanomaterials, polymer science, new synthetic methodologies in organic and biomedical chemistry, computer modeling and cheminformatics, cost-effective analytical methods.
During the poster session, she presented her research findings “Synthesis Of 2-Amino-6-Methylpyrimidin-4(3h)-Thion Derivatives and their Plant Growth Stimulant Activity”, conducted under the supervision of Professor Alexander Yengoyan.
Zhermen confided that she was lucky to meet academician Oganessian, who was delighted to see the young generation of scientists from Armenia, his homeland.