NEWSRAU Associate Prof. Vahe Davtyan's Research Published in King's College London

RAU Associate Prof. Vahe Davtyan’s Research Published in King’s College London

Associate Professor at RAU Department of Political Science Vahe Davtyan’s article on the civilisational significance of energy and demographic aspects of global energy security “Global Energy Security as an Ontological System: A Socio-Philosophical Approach” was published in the newsletter of European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King’s College London. The article is an abbreviated version of Davtyan’s book “Global Energy Security as an Ontological System” published by the DOC Research Institute (Berlin) in July 2017.
In his research, Prof. Davtyan attempts to identify global energy security’s key socio-philosophical and political issues to find a new model for the efficient and stable operation of this system. He proposes to develop an ontological system ‘the energy security of the person’, which implies a revision of the relationship between humans and nature, as well as an identification of the main spiritual and ethical problems determining humans’ uncontrolled consumption of energy resources.
The model ‘the energy security of the person’ should include individual human beings’ uninterrupted self-knowledge and the fulfillment of their spiritual and intellectual potential, which will inevitably lead to a revision of the stereotypes of spontaneous consumer behaviour. Otherwise, humans may face the risk of becoming elements of the consumer cycle”, he elaborated.
In an analysis of the civilisational significance of energy and demographic aspects of global energy security, Prof. Davtyan comes to the conclusion that growth of the world population and the global increase of energy consumption are not directly correlated.
Associate Prof. Vahe Davtyan is an alumnus of Russian-Armenian University, having first graduated with a degree in Economic Journalism and later pursuing his Ph.D. in Political Science. At RAU, he leads a Master's program ‘Applied Political Science’. He also heads a research group on problems of energy and transport development in unrecognised states at the State Committee of Science of RA. Prof. Davtyan has published more than 40 scientific articles, 3 monographs and a textbook. He serves as a columnist for multiple newspapers and online news outlets in Armenia and abroad.