NEWSGrigor Arakelov Visited UCL to Carry out Collaborative Research


Grigor Arakelov Visited UCL to Carry out Collaborative Research

In the period from February 20 to May 22, 2019, Grigor Arakelov, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Bioengineering, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology (RAU Institute of Biomedicine and Pharmacy), Researcher at Laboratory of Computation Modelling of Biological Processes at the Institute of Molecular Biology of the NAS RA, paid a research visit to the University College London, UK.
There he, together with Director of the Centre for Computational Science Professor Peter V. Coveney, carried out research using the supercomputing facilities ARCHER and CIRRUS available in the UK as part of the project In silico study of the pyrin inflammasome macromolecular complex formation (funded by Russian-Armenian University’s grant from RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education).
We have conducted a great deal of experiments and received significant results, which are now being analyzed. Following the analysis, we are going to publish a joint article with Prof. Peter Coveney. Prof. Coveney expressed a particular interest towards our research into the pyrin protein and Familial Mediterranean fever, in general. He consequently proposed to formalize the collaboration by signing a cooperation agreement with Russian-Armenian University”, mentioned G. Arakelov.
They are now discussing the Russian-Armenian University’s Associate Partnership with the CompBioMed, the European Center of Excellence in Computational Medicine, focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications. The Center is headed by Professor Peter V. Coveney and funded by European Commission H2020. Grigor Arakelov’s visit was also funded by EU Horizon 2020.
Grigor Arakelov’s research interests cover Structural Bioinformatics, Proteins structure modeling, Computer-aided drug design, Molecular dynamics simulation, Autoinflammatory diseases and Viral diseases.