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International Polytechnic Summer School 2019
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University announces International Polytechnic Summer School programs 2019!
RAU students can choose any of the following 18 programs in the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology:

- Space Technology (ST) 
- Natural Sciences and Engineering (NSE)
- Digital Technology (DT)
- Information Technologies (IT)
- Civil Engineering (CE)
- Energy Technology (ET)
- Food Science (FS)
Detailed information on International Polytechnic Summer School programs 2019 is available on the website >> and in the brochure >>
Accommodation at SPbPU dormitories will be provided for the nominated students for a regular fee of 5-9 euro per night.
RAU students have special discounts of 20% for 5 people for programs in Engineering, Science and Technology.
Please, send the following documents to international@rau.am:
- Name of the SPbPU summer course 
- Major of studies
- E-mail address
- First name, second name.
Nomination deadline: April 15, 2019.