Undergraduate programs

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Tourism

Master's programs

  • Finance
  • Political Economics
  • IT in Economics
  • International Economics
  • Accountancy and Audit
  • Economics and Migration
  • Financial Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Strategic Governance
  • State and Municipal Governance
  • Project Management
  • Education Management
  • Tourism Management
  • International Finance and Financial Institutions (jointly with the University of Glasgow)
  • International Financial Analysis (jointly with the University of Glasgow)
  • International Corporate Finances and Banking (jointly with the University of Glasgow)
RAU Institute of Economics and Business (IEB) has a unique faculty consisting of Armenia’s leading specialists with an in-depth professional experience in the fields of economics, tourism, business and management.
The Institute of Economics and Business guarantees high-quality educational programs at all levels.
At IEB we ensure that students acquire vast knowledge of their Major as well as additional competences. Our professors encourage students to equip themselves with analytical, mathematical and research skills crucial for their professional growth.
IEB students successfully participate in student research conferences, forums as well as regional and international competitions. They also tend to continue their studies at leading universities all over the world. Institute’s extensive international network provides students and lecturers with various opportunities for mobility. RAU offers IEB students a double degree on Master’s programs in Finance with the University of Glasgow.
Our graduates continually demonstrate strong employment prospects in Armenia and abroad. Many of them take up high-level positions in banks, holdings, NGOs and tourism companies.
Our objectives are:
  • To train specialists who possess general cultural and professional competence
  • To increase the number of students enrolled at the Institute
  • To ensure a high level of education
  • To develop innovative methods of education management
  • To conduct fundamental and applied scientific research
  • To promote IEB graduates’ competitiveness in the labor market and their subsequent employment
  • To promote the advancement of RAU in the world rankings.