Department of Journalism
Head of Department
Marina Alekyan, Ph.D. Senior Specialist of Public Relations and Information Center of Staff of the President of the Republic of Armenia.
RAU Department of Journalism goes back to 2002, when Journalism was taught in two separate departments: Theory and History of Journalism and Practical Journalism, which were later merged into one.
During the studies, students acquire professional journalistic competence; in particular, university’s TV and radio studio, newspaper Gazeta.RAU have a practice of recruiting students to give them a hands-on experience in different multimedia projects. The Department pays special attention to building principles of democracy, tolerance and respect among the students.
Department staff and students regularly take part in international conferences, seminars, round tables. The department is a frequent organizer of trainings, workshops with standout specialists in the industry.
Academic Programs
Bachelor’s: Journalism
Master’s: Culture and News Reporter, Political and Economic Journalism
International and Regional Cooperation
The Department builds partnerships with Armenia’s leading news agencies, newspapers, radio stations and other organizations where students majoring in Journalism pass internships to acquire editorial, broadcasting and reporting skills and immediately implement them. The Department also collaborates with universities in Armenia, Russia and Sweden.
Research Interests
·        contemporary issues in journalism
·        functional and creative concepts
·        theoretical framework of the Armenian, Russian and international journalism
·        history of the Armenian, Russian and international journalism
·        issues in psychology and sociology of journalism
·        literary journalism
·        professional development and ethics
·        mass media and audience