Undergraduate programs

  • Journalism
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Film and Television Directing

Master's programs

  • Culture and News Reporter
  • Political and Economic Journalism
  • Strategic Communications in Advertising and Public Relations
The Institute of Media, Advertising and Film Production is the best option for those who seek professional fulfillment in the creative spheres of Journalism, Advertising, PR and Film Production.
The Institute aims at providing students with thorough knowledge of their major as well as creating an environment to gain professional competence.
RAU has been at the forefront of higher education in the fields of Media, Advertising and PR in Armenia. We invite Armenia’s leading journalists and market specialists as well as editors-in-chief of major magazines and newspapers to lecture in the Institute. Our best graduates follow in their footsteps by pursuing successful careers in various companies. 
What comes to implementing one’s knowledge, our students are encouraged to design a professional portfolio during their university years. University’s TV and radio studio has a practice of recruiting students to give them a hands-on experience in different multimedia projects. The creative atmosphere in the auditoriums makes the learning journey an engaging and enriching experience.
Students also have an opportunity to benefit from internships in the leading media and PR holdings, TV and film-making companies. They become award-winners in various research conferences and contests held on the regional and international levels.
The Institute cooperates with many universities and organizations, implementing academic and scientific programs in the spheres of Media, Advertising and Film Production.