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Department of Materials Technology and Structure of Electronic Technique
The Department of Materials Technology and Structure of Electronic Technique was founded in 2007 and supervises the academic program Electronics and Nanoelectronics.
Head of Department
Associate Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan
Academic Staff
Overall, the Department has ten highly qualified lectures, 90% of whom have academic degrees. They teach both general and specialized courses.
Academic staff
Courses taught
Associate Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan,  
Head of Department
Physical basis of electronics
Specific issues in microelectronics and nanoelectronics technology
Current issues in contemporary electronics and nanoelectronics
Professor Stepan Petrosyan
Physics of heterojunctions 
Optical and photoelectric phenomena in semiconductor heterostructures
Solid-state electronics
Radiative recombination in semiconductors
Specific issues in Semiconductor Physics (for Ph.D. students)
Associate Professor Janna Dokholyan
Semiconductor optoelectronic devices
Specific issues in design and technology of electronic component base
Associate Professor Manuk Poghosyan
Materials and elements of electronics
Chemistry of radiomaterials
Associate Professor Alexandr Khanbekyan
Theoretical framework of electrical engineering
Associate Professor Gagik Avanesyan
Theory of electrical circuits
Professor Sergey Hovhannisyan
Vacuum and plasma electronics
Professor Kolya Soghomonyan
Engineering and computer graphics
Gevorg Grigoryan
Metrology, standardization and certification
Associate Professor Alexandr Vardanyan
Optoelectronic and quantum  devices and equipment
Key Areas of Research
·        Investigation the possibilities of nano-structured solar cells fabrication on the base of semiconductor oxide films.
·        Development of low temperature techniques of optimized CdTe nanoscale films and CdTe/CdS hetero-systems suitable for fabrication of efficient flexible solar cells. More >>