Undergraduate programs

  • Law
  • Political Science
  • International Relations

Master's programs

  • Business Law, Commercial Law
  • Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure
  • Constitutional Law, Municipal Law
  • International Public Law, European Law
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Legal Support of Eurasian Economic Integration (jointly with Altai State University, Russia)
  • Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal law
  • Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics, Operational Search Actions
  • Theory and History of State, History of Legal Doctrines
  • National Security
  • Applied Political Science
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • International Relations and Diplomacy (jointly with MGIMO University, Russia)
  • Diplomacy (jointly with Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
The Institute of Law and Politics strives towards academic excellence and professional competence. We encourage our students to keep developing research skills, the ability to keep up in the dynamically changing world and to develop a progressive civic stand.
Armenia’s leading legal experts, diplomats and historians constitute our teaching staff. Under the leadership of Ms. Marianna Kalashyan, Ph.D. they frequently contribute to legal and political publications, forums and conferences.
The students and professors of the Institute of Law and Politics participate in ongoing research seminars and workshops initiated by the Institute:
  • National Identity in the Integration and Globalization Process: Historical Overview
  • National Security Problems in the Context of Globalization
  • CSTO Model Conference
  • Strategic Research Laboratory of National Security Issues
  • Constitutional Justice Issues
  • Electoral System and Representative Power
  • Corruption as a Threat to National Security
  • Current Issues of State Protection of Participants of the Criminal Procedure in the Republic of Armenia
  • Crime Prevention: International Legal and National Aspects
  • Issues of Commercial Law
  • Issues of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Analysis of Judicial Precedents in Civil Cases 
The Institute has its mission in ensuring the development of the concept of rule of law in Armenia, enhancing professors’ and students’ research work on tackling country’s current problems and in that way assisting to the development of Armenia’s competitive role.
We believe that integration into international projects in research and education is of paramount importance. We are partners with more than 20 universities and organizations in Russia, Sweden, US, Estonia, Belgium and Germany.
Owning to the active cooperation with Yerevan offices of UN, ICRC and OSCE, we are able to give our students opportunities for professional development before graduation.