Russian-Armenian University (RAU) will host Student Research Conference 2020.
! Due to the current situation, the application deadline is extended until July 1, 2020. The conference will take place in fall, dates will be announced later.

The Conference will include the following sessions:

Physics, Mathematics and Natural Science
• Mathematics
• Information Technology
• Physics and Technical Science
• Biosciences and Chemistry

Social Sciences and Humanities
• Philosophy, History and Political Science
• Economics
• Law
• Philology and Linguistics
• Psychology and Social Sciences 
• Oriental Studies

The working languages of the conference are Russian, Armenian and English. There is no participation fee, however, accomodation, transportation and meal expenses will be covered by the participants.
Contact person: Mary Tadevosyan, Assistant to Vice-Rector for Science (office n. 221)
E-mail: /
Tel.: +374 10 277052 (115)