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RAU has first implemented the academic program on Japanese studies in 2009. Nowadays there are 4 groups with the total number of 16 students who study Japanese language, culture and history. However, there are no schools in Armenia that provide Japanese education, therefore there is a lack of knowledge on Japanese studies among University perspective students.
Due to the mentioned lack of knowledge the interest toward Japanese studies is not very high among school students on the stage of choosing filed of studies to apply for at University.

Thereby, RAU intentions to provide school students opportunity to study Japanese language, in order to enhance knowledge of Japanese language among Armenian youth and further on attract them to take Japanese studies in University. The secondary school “USMUNK” was established by RAU several years ago. At the moment the school provides elementary, middle and high school education.
With the support of Japanese Foundation, RAU will implement Japanese language courses for “USMUNK” students of different ages, as well as students from other school. The programs of the courses are already developed.  RAU has already gotten the support of Japanese Foundation in implementing and maintaining Japanese language courses for school students.