NEWSDavid Sargsyan's Essay Among the Winners at Lomonosov Competition in Political Science

David Sargsyan's Essay was Among the Winners at Lomonosov Competition in Political Science
David Sargsyan, Bachelor’s student at Russian-Armenian University who studies Political Science, participated in the student competition “Lomonosov Universiade” in political science, organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. David won the 2nd prize at the competition finale, which took place remotely, given the COVID-19 pandemic.
The competition finale included an essay and an interview. For his essay, David chose to focus on the quote by political historian Karl Deutsch, “a nation is a group of people united by a mistaken view about the past and a hatred of their neighbours.” He highlighted that among the presented topics that one was closer to his research interests.
I am planning to continue my research on issues of identity, national security and the Armenian diaspora. I’ve already enrolled in the Master's Program in National Security at Russian-Armenian University,” said David Sargsyan.

The competition “Lomonosov Universiade” in political science was organized by the Department of Political Science of Moscow State University, Association of Employers of Political Professions and Russian Society of Political Scientists. The “Lomonosov Universiade” served as a venue for promoting research in political science, fostering students’ research and practice-oriented activities, revealing and encouraging creativity among students.