NEWSEconomics Students Presented their Research in St. Petersburg

Economics Students Presented their Research in St. Petersburg
Students of the Institute of Business and Economics of Russian-Armenian University have participated in the competition for the best student research projects on economics, held by the Department of Economics of the European University at St. Petersburg. The competition gathered 95 participants from Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia.
Participants from RAU, Bachelor student Vahe Iskandaryan and Master students Martin Tonikyan and Lilit Sarkisyan received prizes for outstanding academic work.
Lilit Sarkisyan presented her research on Macroeconomic Policy in Remittance-Dependent Countries: Case of Armenia. “There are many studies that examine the role of private foreign transfers regarding economic development. Since remittances are important for recipient countries, researchers address the issue of macroeconomic consequences of transfers inflow. That is why it is increasingly important to understand how private foreign cash transfer flows affect the macroeconomic regulation system,” she highlighted.
Private Company Valuation During Mergers and Acquisitions was the focus of Martin Tonikyan’s presentation. According to him, companies get involved in mergers and acquisitions for various reasons. A lot of companies use mergers as a way to reach new markets, greater market share, while others look for ways to diversify their business or to use economies of scale. In any case, it is extremely important to understand the motives of the mergers, their operational and financial consequences.