NEWSRAU Talks vol.3: COVID-19 & Social Consciousness

RAU Talks vol.3: COVID-19 & Social Consciousness
Russian-Armenian University continues the online series RAU Talks, while the university community is working and studying remotely. Our third speaker was Serge Mihran Khavessian, Management Expert and Consultant, who spoke on Facebook Live on the topic "COVID-19 & Social Consciousness... or how the planet-wide crisis can help to improve the world?"
Serge Khavessian has over 30 years of professional experience across Europe with such companies as Disney, APSYS Group, MAB Development. He is President and Founder of SKALLIANS SAS, a company that focuses on urban development, since 2015. He holds an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School and a Master's Degree in Business Law and Economics from University of PARIS II - Assas Pantheon Sorbonnne. 
The speaker highlighted that urban development planning, being the result of strategic choices to develop the territory, is at the intersection of many disciplines such as sociology, philosophy, economy, history. A crisis like Covid-19 has a significant impact on our societies and it is essential to better understand how such a crisis can help to improve them. Serge Khavessian, therefore, decided to create a platform to share analysis and start drawing lessons that will help the world to improve itself.
The Talk is available on Facebook Live >>