Prospective StudentsACADEMIC PROGRAMSPhD

Ph.D. Programs
(certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation)
03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy
01.04.10 Semiconductor Physics 
04.06.01 Chemistry
02.00.03 Organic Chemistry
06.06.01 Biology
03.00.04 Biochemistry
03.01.09 Mathematical Biology, Bioinformatics
09.06.01 Informatics and Computer Science
05.13.11 Mathematical and Software Support of Computer Systems and Networks
05.13.17 Theoretical Basics of Informatics
05.13.18 Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Systems
10.06.01 Information Security
05.13.19 Methods and Systems of Data Protection, Information Security
38.06.01 Economics
08.00.01 Theory of Economics
08.00.05 Economics and Management of National Economy
08.00.10 Finances, Monetary Circulation and Credit
08.00.14 World Economy
40.06.01 Law
12.00.01 Theory and History of Law and State; History of Political and Legal Studies
12.00.02 Constitutional Law, Municipal law, Constitutional Court Process
12.00.03 Civil Law, Entrepreneurial Law, Family Law, International Private Law
12.00.08 Criminal Law and Criminology, Penal Law
12.00.09 Criminal Procedure Law
12.00.10 International Law, European Law
41.06.01 Political Science and Regional Studies
23.00.01 Theory of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science
23.00.02 Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies
23.00.04 Political Problems of International Relations and Global Development
42.06.01 Mass Media, Information and Librarianship
10.01.10 Journalism
45.06.01 Linguistics, Literary Studies
10.01.01 Russian Literature
10.01.03 Foreign Literature (the USA, Great Britain)
10.02.03 Slavic Languages
Ph.D. Programs
(certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Armenia)
Ա.00.00 Physics and Mathematics
Ա.01.00 Mathematics
Ա.01.02 Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics
Ա.01.09 Mathematical Cybernetics and Logics
Ա.01.05 Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Ա.04.00 Physics
Ա.04.10 Semiconductor Physics  
Բ.00.00 Chemistry
Բ.00.03 Organic Chemistry
Բ.00.10 Bioorganic Chemistry
Ե.00.00 Technical Sciences
Ե.12.00 Radio Technology and Communication
Ե.12.01 Radio, Radio-Frequency Equipment, Systems, Technologies
Ե.12.03 Systems, Networks and Telecommunication Devices
Ե.13.00 Informatics, Computer Science and Automation
Ե.13.04 Mathematical and Software Support of Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks
Ե.13.05 Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes
Է.00.00 History
Է.00.04 Ethnography
Ը.00.00 Economics
Ը.00.02 Economics, its Branches and Management
Ը.00.03 Finance, Financial Accounting
Ը.00.06 International Economics
Ժ.00.00 Philological Sciences
Ժ.01.00 Literary Studies
Ժ.01.06 Journalism
Ժ.02.00 Linguistics
Ժ.02.02 General and Comparative Linguistics
Ժ.02.04 Slavic Languages
Ժ.02.07 Romance and Germanic Languages
Գ.00.00 Biology
Գ.00.02 Biophysics, Bioinformatics
Գ.00.03 Molecular and Cellular Biology
Գ.00.04 Biochemistry
Գ.00.08 Zoology, Parasitology, Ecology
ԺԲ.00.00 Law
ԺԲ.00.01 Theory and History of State and Law, History of Legal Studies
ԺԲ.00.02 Public Law
ԺԲ.00.03 Private Law 
ԺԲ.00.04 Procedural Law
ԺԲ.00.05 Criminal Law and Criminology, Penal Law
ԺԲ.00.06 International Law
ԻԳ.00.00 Political Science
ԻԳ.00.01 Political Science Theory
ԻԳ.00.02 Political Institutions and Processes, International Relations
ԺԹ.00.00 Psychology
ԺԹ.00.01 Theory and History of Psychology
ԺԳ.00.00 Educational Sciences
ԺԳ.00.02 Methods of Teaching and Education (Physics)