Student LifeRAU ExchangeZhang Jiaqi, Changchun University

#RAUstudentexchange: Zhang Jiaqi. Bachelor student, “Russian Philology”.
In the series #RAUstudentexchange, we are introducing exchange students who are studying at Russian-Armenian University this year.
Zhang Jiaqi is an undergraduate exchange student coming from the Changchun University, China. She is studying Russian Philology at Russian-Armenian University.
When deciding where to study abroad, I focused primarily on Russian language programs, as I wanted to improve my Russian. So, I chose Russian-Armenian University, I will be studying here for two semesters. I am really excited about my studies, the atmosphere at RAU is very friendly and welcoming. What comes to the Armenian landscapes, they are breathtaking!  
I am really passionate about teaching! I want to be a language teacher one day, that is why I am studying Russian and English. Teaching both young learners and adults appeals to me, as they require different approaches.”
Photo: A. Sarukhanyan.