Success StoriesEmma Ghrejyan

Emma Ghrejyan shares her success story about the study trip to Saarland University, Germany
1. What was the brightest memory from study abroad experience you had​?
Erasmus  by itself is a huge bright and heartwarming memory! Every day  that I have spent here is precious in its own way. I guess the most special one was the night before my birthday. My roommates gathered to cook an incredible Italian aperitivo dinner and two birthday cakes! Thanks to my friends here, I had a wonderful birthday celebration!
2.What was your biggest challenge/difficulty during the mobility?
Most challenging thing was to get used to German lifestyle. It is completely different from Armenian one, there is a lot of paperwork and scheduling. Sometimes you feel completely lost in this mess of new duties you have here, but there are people that are always ready to help you.
3.Name 3 main skills you acquired in the result of the mobility.
  • Planning and scheduling – totally vital in Germany.
  • Problem-solving – if you are abroad, always expect something odd to happen and try to be ready.
  • Communication – try to meet as many new people as you can and find some good friends. In the end – that’s the thing you are going to remember.
4.​What is one thing you love most about RAU and what would you like to improve? 
RAU has all the opportunities and support for fellow researchers to start projects and succeed in science, still there are things that need improvement. I wish my alma-mater, and Armenia in general, had more funds for research and development of science.
5.What would you recommend to the prospective mobility participants going abroad?
Be passionate, patient, and travel as much as you can!