Success StoriesKoryun Avanesyan

Koryun Avanesyan shares his success story about the study trip to  Linnaeus University, Sweden.

1. What was the brightest memory from study abroad experience you had?
The biggest memory was the moments when I had a good time with my new friends.When we met for the first time I couldn’t even imagine that we would become best friends for life. I had  lots of cultural exchanges with students from around the world. I loved to discuss about our countries with my new friends. Sometimes we found similarities between our cultures which made us incredibly happy. I tried to learn all the native languages of my new friends in order  to communicate with them. Actually I had some progress, especially in Korean.

2. What was your biggest challenge/difficulty during the mobility?

Since I had not lived alone before the mobility, that was a bit hard for me to realize that I need to do everything by myself, but fortunately I adjusted to it.

3. Name 3 main skills you acquired in the result of the mobility.

As I mentioned above I acquired ability to live independently, I also learned how to govern my finances. And most importantly, I improved a lot  my  English, especially speaking skills. 

4. What is one thing you love most about RAU and what would you like to improve? 

Well, as I got a chance to study abroad, I compared RAU and LNU a lot. Mostly RAU is  an active university, student life is going very well, but I would like to see more student organizations working on different aspects with an international community which could enhance networking of our university.

5. What would you recommend to the prospective mobility participants going abroad?

I would recommend them to not be afraid of challenges because it is always possible to find solutions. During the  mobility I would recommend  always try to keep equilibrium between student life and studying, if you will pay much more  attention only on one of those, it can go wrong .
Koryun Avanesyan
Koryun Avanesyan
Koryun Avanesyan
Koryun Avanesyan