Success StoriesSianna Grigoryan

Sianna Grigoryan  shares her success story about the study trip to Saarland University, Germany

1.What was the brightest memory from study abroad experience you had​?
I can’t name only one bright memory. I have had tons of them. My Erasmus was the best thing that happened to me. First of all traveling. During my Erasmus I have been to 11 new countries and 44 new cities. I did a 1 month long solo traveling and explored the world and found myself. Second: friends. I met lots of new people and made friends for life. I was the DJ in almost every party. I loved to do that but first if I loved to look how My friends were dancing and having fun. All these memories are incomparably amazing. We are still in contact. I met many of them after the mobility. We all remember our bright days together with warmth. Third: making lots of projects about my country. I did a big project about Armenian genocide. I did a project about Armenian churches. We organized the day of Armenia at the university. One of the main things of Erasmus is to share your culture, your history and your ethnic heritage. Forth: learning new things. I can’t count how many things I learnt during the mobility. But I can tell that they are priceless. By the way I passed 16 exams. This was some kind of a self record.
2​. What was your biggest challenge/difficulty during the mobility?
The biggest challenge was to say goodbye... goodbye to everything and everyone. I guess this is the most painful part of Erasmus. After that you feel like shattered glass, as you found a life you love and now it’s time to say “Tschüß” to your new life and forget, go over it. It’s such a hard thing to do, I can’t even explain in words.I learnt how to be responsible for myself, for my decisions, for my actions and that everything I do has a consequence that I need to take responsibility for.
3​. Name 3 main skills you acquired in the result of the mobility.
I learnt to enjoy my own company, to take care of myself, to not feel lonely, to understand that it’s okay to be alone. And finally I learnt to give myself to the fullest. To cherish every single moment of my life. To love and to be loved. To be free but know the limits. To be strong even if my world was falling apart. To face my fears by trying to change instead of running away. I learnt to love the life.
4. What is one thing you love most about RAU and what would you like to improve? 
One thing that I love in RAU is that you can always speak up and say what’s on your mind. If there is a problem, you go and tell it. You try to solve it and there are always people that will help you to fix everything. In RAU I would like to improve the system of classes so that students can choose what classes to take. There are lots of things that I’d like to improve in RAU and I’m doing my best to make them real.
5. What would you recommend to the prospective mobility participants going abroad?
I would recommend to feel free about everything they do. To never forget who they are, where  they are  coming from. To meet as more international people as they can. To learn new languages. To break all the stereotypes and barriers. To enjoy their mobility cause someday it’s gonna end and they are gonna remember it with a smile on their faces and tears in their eyes. Erasmus is a lifetime journey that never ends. As we say “Once Erasmus. Always Erasmus.
Sianna Grigoryan
Sianna Grigoryan
Sianna Grigoryan
Sianna Grigoryan