Success StoriesYelena Tamrazyan

Yelena Tamrazyan
 1. What was the brightest memory from study abroad experience you had?
The memory my mind most often jumps to when I remember Riga is one of the last days we spent there. It broke our hearts to say goodbye to those wonderful people we met and the life we built there together. At first glance that day was not much different from the others, just another party, only this time it was followed by a rather sweet conversation during which we shared with each other what our first and last impressions of one another were, in a very honest way. Days and nights like that are ones that build you as a person, I think, because you get to see yourself in the eyes and thoughts of other people, who you love dearly.
 2. What was your biggest challenge/difficulty during the mobility?
The biggest challenge, to me, was probably the process of actually getting there. It took a lot of time and patience to get all the documents right, to find a suitable apartment and all the other “moving” difficulties. But it was certainly worth it. I did not regret doing all that for a mere second.
 3. Name 3 main skills you acquired in the result of the mobility.
As I was living in Riga with three of my friends, I would say that the most important skill I gained was sharing space with other people, working through conflicts and learning to contribute to the life in the flat as much as possible (which I have, admittedly, struggled a lot with at the beginning). The other significant skill would be learning in a totally different environment, with another set of rules and types of exams. And the last useful skill would be learning how to get out there, meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and take chances.
 4. What is one thing you love most about RAU and what would you like to improve?
Honestly speaking, what I love about RAU the most is some of the wonderful people I met here and outside of it, in Riga, thanks to this exchange program it offered.
 5. What would you recommend to the prospective mobility participants going abroad?
First and foremost, be very concise with all the documents to not get into any trouble. I would also recommend not renting an apartment for a long period of time from some website. Once you get to the city, you will be able to find tons of apartments for much more affordable prices. Second of all, go out, explore this beautiful, incredible city, visit as many museums and cafes as you can, go to different places every time, go to all the bars and pubs SSE Riga students suggest you to. Thirdly, the university offers numerous business courses which RAU does not, try to take a lot of them, as you won't get such an opportunity in our Alma mater. And lastly, become friends with the exchange students, they are the ones to have fun with. Enjoy!