• 13 Июл
  • 2020

Вузы РА запускают международную магистерскую программу по математической физике

    Цель курса - подготовить кадры с глубокими знаниями в сфере математики и навыками проведения научных исследований.

    The Master in Mathematical Physics is a high-level training with the purpose to give a solid foundation in various fields of mathematics with an introduction to research. The Master is hosted by the American University of Armenia and operates in collaboration with three partner institutions - Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences, Russian-Armenian University, and Yerevan State University. It is attached to the CY Advanced Studies at the Cergy Paris Université.
    How It Works
    The classes take place from the middle of August to the end of June. First-year students have to validate four courses, each of which takes about two months. During the first two weeks, an intensive 15-hour course is given by a visiting lecturer. The lectures are accompanied by exercise sessions, five hours every day, of which two are supervised. The remaining six weeks are devoted to self-study, with weekly one-hour audiovisual contact between the class and the lecturers. A final exam takes place one week after the end of the course. Second-year students have to validate four courses, including one topic course, and to write a master thesis. The courses are organized in the same way as in the first year. Students have about four months from March to June for writing their thesis.
    How To Apply
    To apply for the master program, you must have completed at least three years of studies in mathematics after high school. A four-hour written exam will take place on July 28, while the interview will be on July 30. Applicants must register for the exam with Vahagn Nersesyan before July 24, by sending their application containing a CV, the full academic transcript, and a motivation letter. The master is open to all nationalities, and we are committed to the policy of equal opportunities for everyone. Female and disabled candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
    For details, please see the  student’s guide >>  and visit the program website >>