Student life

Travelling to RAU
RAU is situated in the bigger downtown, just 15 minutes away from the very center of Yerevan. This area is well served by the public transport system. The university is located up on the hill and due to its location the surrounding area is very chill and far from the downtown’s hustle and bustle. Students can easily find their way to the university.
Despite the fact that RAU does not have its own dormitory yet, international students can be provided with both accommodation and advice. RAU provides accommodation at the AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center for the exchange students in a fully equipped and renovated, while at the same time low-cost student dormitory. The dormitory is located 15-minute drive from RAU. If the students are not willing to live in dormitory, there is a common practice of renting and sharing apartments. There are many available for rent in the university area and finding a roommate is not a matter of concern for there have always been lots of students from abroad who are willing to share an apartment. The cost of the apartments for rent vary depending on the district – the closer to the downtown the more expensive they are, but it is possible to find an apartment close both to university and to downtown (approximately 90 - 100 EUR per month for one person).
Life in Yerevan
Yerevan is one of the most convenient cities to live and study in. The city itself is not very big, but the student community of Yerevan is quite a large one. Many young people come to Yerevan from other regions of Armenia, as well as from the countries of the region and Russia to study. Consequently the student life is active both in terms of the academic part (there are many operating public libraries, numerous student conferences are organized by various student organizations and initiatives) and the fun part (Yerevan is famous for its night life with bars, pubs and clubs).
Extracurricular activities 
RAU Student Council is an independent, self-organized body with its own structure within the university. The Student Council is responsible for a wide range of issues connected to the students. Being a self-organized body, all students can participate and make their own contributions and suggestions. Members of the Student Council organize various events like blood donation initiatives, collection of necessary goods, products and other resources for orphanages, as well as leisure activities - parties, concerts and other events. RAU students also have the opportunity to self organize and open clubs or communities based on mutual interests and hobbies.
There are several student clubs - the Photo Club, where students gather and share their knowledge of the art of photography; the Political Club, where students organize panel discussions and debates; the Movie Club, where students have weekly movie screenings followed by discussions and have the chance to meet directors and artists; the Dancing Club, etc. As a rule, many students become involved in Student Council activities from their first year and make their ideas come true with the help of the resources that are allocated to the Student Council.
Student Research Society is another self organized body within the university. Student Research Society deals mostly with the academic part of student life and organizes conferences, discussions, academic reports and other activities that are connected to the scientific and academic life of the university. The Annual Reseach Conference is a vital part of the university and those students who are willing to participate in this annual event are free to do so by preparing reports and other academic works. This annual scientific event is a good starting point of academic career for all the students - the works are published in the conference proceedings.
The university has fully equipped laboratories for the Departments of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Pharmacy, Electronics and Nanoelectronics. There are also several IT laboratories available for the students.
All RAU students have access to the Internet via WiFi that is available in the whole area of the university. The access is free of charge for all the students.
RAU has its own Theatre, which is jointly run by the university students and teachers. RAU Theatre organizes its own casting twice during every academic year. Successful students engage in the activities of the student theatre, which performs not only at the university, but also in other theatres of Armenia and abroad. RAU Theatre goes on tours to theatres in Russia and other countries, also, it has become award winner of various student theatre competitions. Leading theatre experts and artists are frequent guests of RAU Theatre and conduct workshops for the students. 
The Voice of RAU is an annual singing competition among RAU students. There, talented students take to stage to showcase their musical ability. All the concerts are held in the Grand Hall of RAU, which has the capacity of hosting more than 500 people and is fully equipped according to highest standards. Students are free to use the Hall as a resource any time.
The Sports Complex of Russian-Armenian University offers a wide variety of sports and exercise facilities. The complex has indoor and outdoor facilities for any kind of sports activities. Outdoors, there is a large multi-use field suitable for football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Indoors, the gym, table tennis courts, fitness hall are located. The complex is fully furnished with separate locker rooms and showers. The Complex is open to RAU students, staff and alumni and is free of charge; after study hours it welcomes everyone else to train at the complex (after 18:00).
Equipped with separate reading zones, RAU library is open to students and staff for study and research throught the day. It is equipped with e-database and catalogues and is constantly updated with scientific literature, fiction and non-fiction. RAU library has the widest collection of Russian scientific publications in Armenia.
There’s a flexible scholarship system at RAU and those students who demonstrate excellence in their studies and research have a chance to get RF President's Scholarship, RA President Award for IT, RF Government's Scholarship, Yerevan Mayor Scholarship, Moscow Mayor Scholarship, Academician Mkrtchyan's Scholarship etc. The university also provides assistance to its students participating in international conferences.