COY16 Youth Statement of RAU

  • 28 August , 2021
The Youth of Russian-Armenian University have gathered together to raise awareness about the essential global crisis known as Climate Change, to announce our commitment and demand for taking action in order to achieve sustainable development of our communities, and challenge each person to join the fight.
We represent an inclusive institution that actively involves people of different gender, race, ethnicity, religion, minorities and underrepresented communities, individuals with special disabilities, and moreover, students of different nationalities, which are more than 30% of students in our University.
On a regular basis, we gather to analyze local and global challenges, define our vision and strategy. In our committee are involved young professional from various departments and Alumni of the University in the fields of Physics, Nanotechnologies & Engineering; Biology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics; Mathematics & Informatics; Economics & Management; Law & International Relations; Philosophy, Psychology, History, Languages & Literature; PR and Mass Communication. We tend to analyze and cover various aspects of the impact of Climate Change on individuals & ecosystems, people from vulnerable groups and communities, NEET and SEND Youth, as well as we develop solutions for Climate Change mitigation. starting from raising awareness to in-house development and integration of zero-waste systems, technologies and methodologies for reducing carbon-footprint, R&D on the topics of solar-power and bio-power renewable energy, policy-making, development of educational courses and capacity building.
The Youth of Russian-Armenian University announces their eagerness to participate in the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth 16, committees to oversee, implement and uphold climate actions in the following directions:
•   Finish the implementation of zero waste system in the University campus, develop infrastructure for waste reducing, sorting and recycling, install resource management for the University’s water infrastructure.
•   Reduce University’s carbon footprint, minimize usage of energy based on non-renewable resources and enhance the full capacity of the University’s solar panel system, develop an infrastructure for sustainable transportation.
•   Continue contributing in the capacity building, namely, develop international educational degree programs in addition to the existing Alternative Energy courses, in the fields of climate change mitigation. Invest in research and development in the fields of alternative energy, strengthen international collaborations in the fields of research in materials science, solar and biopower energy. 
•   Conduct research and policy making on the topics of the impact of Climate change on the people of different gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, minorities and underrepresented communities, vulnerable groups, individuals with special disabilities, NEET and SEND Youth.
We call upon all Armenian institutions, organizations and governmental structures to unite and take their action in the fight against Climate Change.
Are you an Armenian or a resident of the Republic of Armenia and aged under 35?
Then we challenge you to join our action and make your voice heard! Sign the Petition >>