• 03 Jan
  • 2022

Headquarters of "Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World" opened in RAU

    “Russian Ambassadors in the World” has been implemented by the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

    From December 19-25, Russian-Armenian University hosted the participants of the international educational expedition "Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World", initiated by the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language.

    Already on Sunday, December 19, the delegation consisting of 12 ambassadors and 3 accompanying specialists of the Pushkin Institute listened to lectures by the Director of the Institute of Russian Literature, Honored Professor of RAU, PhD, Associate Professor A. Sarkisyan and Head of Professional Communication, acting Professor, PhD, Associate Professor K. Hakobyan on the history of cultural, linguistic and spiritual relations between Russia and Armenia and on the key (phonetic and morphological) zones of typological similarities and differences between Russian and Armenian.

    Educational events within the framework of the program started on December 20. The majority of the delegation (10 ambassadors accompanied by 2 specialists) went to Hrazdan, where the ambassadors started classes with students of school No. 14 and the school of the village of Dzhrarat.

    The remaining ambassadors held classes with students of the Usmunq school at te RAU and with students of RAU non-philological profile (majoring in "Advertising and Public Relations" and "Jurisprudence" of the Russian sector and "International Relations" of the Armenian sector).

    One of the key tasks of this expedition was to select new ambassadors of the Russian language among the candidates from the students of RAU. During the meetings, the nominees were offered various tasks to identify both the language and professional training of students, as well as their creativity and the degree of interest and motivation in participating in future programs and expeditions. After all the final papers of the candidates were presented, 2 winners were selected: Victoria Aglamazyan, a 3rd-year Philology student, and Movses Hakobyan, a 2nd-year Regional Studies student, who brilliantly coped with all the competitive tasks. As a result, 4 certified Russian language ambassadors are studying at RAU today: Anna Simonyan, a 1st-year Master's student Philology, who visited an international expedition in Kyrgyzstan; Eteri Gasparyan, a 4th-year student in Philology, who passed the full-time selection in Moscow in late 2021, and two new ambassadors.

    The closing ceremony of the program and wrapping up of the results of the expedition took place on December 25. All participants of the competition were awarded certificates.
    An important result of the ambassadors' mission this year was the opening of the headquarters of the international volunteer program within the walls of Russian-Armenian University. In fact, RAU is thus becoming home for all future ambassadors of the Russian language.

    "I am sure that the goal that the ambassadors had in front of them - to popularize the Russian language, literature and culture in an exciting interactive form, using various game techniques, through music, painting, folklore and dancing to introduce our schoolchildren to the culture and history of Russia - was fully realized by them. Yet what I am absolutely sure of is that they were able to make our guys fall in love with the richest Russian language, Russian literature and culture even more. And I hope that the lessons in Armenia and the "lessons of Armenia" will forever remain in their memory, in their hearts," said Karen Hakobyan, Head of the Department of Russian Language and Professional Communication.

    It should be noted that the program “Russian Ambassadors in the World” has been implemented by Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation since 2015. Russian language ambassadors introduce schoolchildren to the Russian language, culture and literature with the help of game tools and interactive forms, and, in turn, become acquainted with the traditions of the host country. Before being sent to educational expeditions, volunteers undergo a serious competitive selection and thorough training.
    Translated by Kristina Tumanyan
    (Master's Program in Translation & Interpretation)