• 21 Dec
  • 2023

Well-known expert Igor Rents talked to RAU students about private international law and international civil proceedings in legal practices

    Students explored a number of cases from real practice, issues of conducting cases with foreign elements both in national courts and international commercial arbitrations, etc.

    On December 4-9, Igor Rents, Doctor of Juridical Science, Doctor of Law (France), Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure of V. F. Yakovlev Ural State Law University, gave a series of lectures on private international law and international civil proceedings at the Russian-Armenian University.
    “The main purpose of the course is to provide the students with practical skills of conducting cases with foreign elements both in national courts and international commercial arbitrations in their country and abroad. Their ability to work with such situations is important. Nowadays, a large number of people migrate from their countries for various reasons, and strive to keep money where it is more profitable for investors. The number of such cases is big; however, the approaches in different states are often unilaterally restricted. For this reason, students should pay attention to the international legal component. They should clearly understand which right will be subject to application, and which authority of which state will be competent to resolve the legal issue,” shared Professor Rents.
    According to the professor, for six days a group of students under his supervision were studying  specific situations, which occurred in real practice. Along with documents, the  participants of the special course received assignments. They had to present all possible solutions and study the issue in depth. Students also considered issues specifically related to citizens of Armenia.
    Marianna Kalashyan, Head of the Department of Law and Political Science, noted that professor Rents aroused tremendous interest among the listeners with the help of correctly chosen hands-on examples .  
    “In the legal education system of Armenia, little time and attention is dedicated to private international law, even though there are quite a lot of problems in practice, and we often encounter them,” she emphasized. 
    It should be noted that professor Igor Rents has many years of experience of scientific and practical activity in the field of private international law, international civil proceedings and arbitration. He specializes in the legal support of transborder transactions, international inheritance cases and family relations with a foreign element.  
    Igor Rents is the author of over 90 publications, which include the monographs “Private International Law on Notary Activity”, “Facts and Proofs in International Disputes: Between Truth and Justice”. Besides, he is the co-author of a number of academic textbooks and commentaries on civil and arbitration proceedings, international commercial arbitration and private international law. 
    Translated by Aykanush Karabekyan,
    I year Master’s Student in Translation & Interpretation, RAU