“Digital Health as the Future of Medicine” | Prof. Chaltykyan

  • 07 September , 2022
On September 9 at 12:00 at the Blue Hall of the Russian-Armenian University, the Head of Center for Digital Health in RAU, Professor of the Deggendorf Technical University (Germany), WHO expert, founder and president of the Armenian Digital Health Association Georgi Chaltikyan, who is in Armenia on  a working visit, will give a master class.
Master class’s topic: “Digital Health as the Future of Medicine”.

Professor G.V. Chaltikyan will speak on the topic of digital healthcare, talk about the possibilities of this area and present the prospects of the profession to the participants.
During the meeting, the participants will also get acquainted with the new, unique master's program of RAU “Digital Health”, which is currently accepting its first students. The program is carried out within the framework of cooperation between the RAU and the Technical University of Deggendorf. Students of this program will have the opportunity to study in Germany and receive a European diploma.
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