• 17 Oct
  • 2023

Head of RAU Psychology Department Asya Berberyan spoke at the plenary session of the International Conference on Mental Health Issues

    Professor Berberyan presented a report called “Perceptions of their Health by Individuals: Existential-Humanistic Approach”.

    Head of Psychology Department of RAU Institute of Humanities,  PhD in Psychology Professor Asya Berberyan was personally invited to  the plenary session of the IV International Scientific-Practical Conference “Commitment to Mental Health”. The Conference took place on October 5-7 in Moscow, on the campus of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). The event was organized by RUDN University, with RAU among the co-organizers. 

    The International Scientific and Practical Conference gathered over 400 guests and speakers from 13 countries of the world (Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, China, Belarus and others) as well as over 15 regions of Russia. The participants discussed issues of psychological well-being in situations of uncertainty, spiritual and moral basis of psychological and social health of individuals, problems of preserving the mental health of the students and educators, perspectives for the development of education in the era of globalization and digitalization, and others.

    At the conference, Professor Asya Berberyan delivered her research report called “Perceptions of their Health by Individuals: Existential-Humanistic Approach”. The topic of the scientific report was devoted to a more relevant study of mental health problems both during the conference and globally, the issues of transformation of sense indicators of human mental health and the specific subjective attitude of the individual to their health. The results of the empirical study indicate that there is an inverse correlation between the subscales of existentiality, locus of control and attitudes of young people towards their health; there are also gender differences in the indicators of perceptions of health and healthy lifestyle in young males and females.

    “Attitude to health is predetermined by objective circumstances, driving forces of the activity and behavior of the individual. This concept is expressed through actions, behaviors, experiences and verbally realized judgments of people, their perceptions of their mental health in accordance with factors that reflect existential attitude to life, locus of control and subjective opinions. It is obvious that students are forming a correct idea of health as a favorable existence; the creation of a socio-psychological program aimed at developing motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle  and, in general, the perception of a healthy lifestyle as a vital, existential value are relevant”, - shared the professor.

    Besides, novice researchers presented their works in the section for young scientists: undergraduate and postgraduate students of foreign and Russian universities, as well as RAU undergraduate and Master’s students:
    1. “Correlation of stress with uncertainty and meaningful life orientations of an individual”, Y.Marauli, I year Master’s Student. Supervisor: PhD in Psychology, professor A.Berberyan. 
    2. “Stress resistance of higher school teachers in the context of innovative reforms”, V. Mosinyan-Mayer, II year Master's student. Supervisor: PhD in Psychology, professor A.Berberyan. 
    3. “Characterization of empathy and its peculiarities in student youth”, M. Mkrdumyan, 3rd year. Supervisor:  PhD in Psychology, professor A. Berberyan. 
    4. “Influence of exam stress on academic motivation of university students”, I. Karapetyan, 3rd year. Supervisor: PhD. in Psychology, A. Muradyan. 
    5. “Correlation between communicative qualities and barriers to communication in student youth”, A. Gyulnazaryan, III year. Supervisor:  PhD in Psychology, professor A. Berberyan. 

    The conference was not only a great scientific and practical interactive platform where scientists and practitioners shared their methods and technologies in the field of diagnostics, correction and maintenance of mental health and psychological well-being of a person in modern society, but also a platform for workshops, art therapy festivals, advanced training programs and others.

    It is to be noted that the reports of the conference participants, as well as the best reports of young scientists are published in the format of full-text articles in a special edition of the scientific journal “Vestnik RUDN. Series: Psychology and Pedagogy” (HAC, RSCI, “Core” RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), PsycINFO (APA), DOAJ, WJC and others).

    Translated by Milena Avanesyan,
    I year Master’s Student in Translation & Interpretation, RAU