• 01 Mar
  • 2024

Professor Chaltikyan Held a Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation of Health at RAU

    The participants learned about the relevant tendencies and the newest developments in the field of digital health, professional prospects, etc.

    On March 1, Georgi Chaltikyan, Head of RAU Digital Health Center and Professor of Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany), told RAU students about the tendencies and prospects in the field of digital health and a unique RAU graduate program Digital Health. 
    “During the masterclass, we were discussing various technologies of artificial intelligence. It’s quite a broad technological field which ranges from so-called computer vision to clinical decision-making support systems, i.e. when doctors make decisions about patient management based on a large amount of data. Of course, it is much more difficult for a human to process all this data rather than for artificial intelligence: the latter is more efficient and less energy-consuming,” - shared Georgi Chaltikyan.
    Professor Chaltikyan also noted that such applications as ChatGPT are currently being adapted to filling out medical documents. Based on algorithms of AI models, it is possible to process large data sets and identify their patterns which are invisible to the naked eye. 
    The participants of the workshop learned about the relevant tendencies and the newest developments in the field of digital health and professional prospects, as well as gained valuable expertise from professor Georgi Chaltikyan.
    During the meeting, the participants also became acquainted with a unique new graduate program,Digital Health, offered at RAU. The program is implemented within the framework of cooperation between RAU and Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The students of the program will be granted the opportunity to study in Germany and obtain a European diploma. 
    It should be noted that the graduate program Digital Health is the first innovative and unique joint educational program in Armenia and the region, which allows students to be specialized in Digital Health, one of the most modern and relevant fields with enormous potential. The program includes the application of information and telecommunication technologies in the field of medicine and healthcare.
    Translated by Aykanush Karabekyan,
    I year Master’s Student in Translation & Interpretation, RAU