• 13 Sep
  • 2023

Head of RAU Department of Russian and Foreign Literature and Culture Lilit Meliksetyan became a prize-winner in the “Book of the Year 2023” contest

    46 editions were included in the shortlist of a prestigious Russian contest

    Head of the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature and Culture of RAU Lilit Meliksetyan became a prize-winner of the prestigious Russian contest “Book of the Year  2023”.

    The grand-prix of the contest is traditionally awarded to the edition which is recognized as an important public event of the year and is organized on a high printing and publishing level. This year, the honorary title “Book of the Year” was awarded to the three-volume edition anthology “Modern Literature of the CIS Countries” published by “United Humanitarian Publishers”. L. Meliksetyan was engaged in the preparation of the anthology as a translator and national curator of Armenia. 

    “It has been the first attempt for the last 30 years to translate into Russian what is often left untranslated. Because of that, we are not aware of what and how is written in the neighboring countries of ours, as we do not read their works and they do not read ours. The project sought to enable us to read each other’s works and enhance the cultural and humanitarian relations among the nations”, told Lilit Meliksetyan.

    According to the professor, considerable work has been accomplished also due to the efforts of leading specialists from various countries. 

    “My congratulations and gratitude not only to the jury, but also my fellow translators, primarily and particularly the chief editor of “Literaturnaya Armenia” magazine Albert Nalbandyan and writer, translator, and RAU lecturer Anahit Tatevosyan. I would not have made it without their professional and human support. I realize we are all deeply hurt  nowadays; nevertheless this Anthology is a chance for me to be read and heard”, shared Lilit Meliksetyan on her Facebook page. 

    It should be noted that 900 books and 108 editions were presented to the contest, with 46 editions included in the shortlist. The winners were selected in 11 nominations. The ceremony of awarding the winners of “Book of the Year” took place in Moscow as part of the 36th Moscow International Book Fair. 
    Translated by Aykanush Karabekyan,
    I year Master’s Student in Translation & Interpretation, RAU